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February 2012

Do you ever procrastinate? You know that you have things to do, and you will do them, you will! But not right now. You promise yourself that you will do it right after this show, or phone call, or after your nap, or definitely tomorrow! Does this sound familiar? We all procrastinate at times. This is a normal human response. However, sometimes procrastination can get us in trouble, for instance when you have a project due at work or bills need to be paid or there is a doctor’s appointment that you need to make.

We have a million reasons to procrastinate, but it can usually come down to three main reasons: we are avoiding something, we are not sure how to do it or we are lazy! If the reason that you have not accomplished whatever is on your list is because you are avoiding, ask yourself what you are avoiding. What is scaring you? What kind of support do you need in order to get your task accomplished? Once you figure that out, set up what you need and get it done. If you are unsure how to accomplish your task, ask questions, do some research, again, ask for help and get it done. If you are just being lazy, honor the fact that you are tired, that you want a break. Make sure that you arrange some time off after you finish this project, then get it done!

The bottom-line is that sometimes we just have to move whether we want to or not. Nurture yourself though it. Get your project done. Celebrate that you have finished. Then go back to the show or the nap and enjoy it without guilt!

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