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June 2001


There are several crucial components to a healthy relationship. One of them is respect. If we do not respect our partner, our relationship does not have a great deal of hope of survival.


But what is respect? It is not agreeing with everything that our spouse says. I respect my husband a great deal and yet disagree with him on a regular basis. It is not giving up our identity to look the way our partner wants us to. We need to respect ourselves as well.


Respect is thinking enough of our partner to treat them well. Respect is listening to what they have to say, without cutting them off. Respect is telling the truth, even if it is uncomfortable. Respect is agreeing to rules in the relationship and then following through. Respect is respecting ourselves enough to stand up for what we believe in. Respect is working on compromises.


As you can see, if there is respect in your relationship, you and your mate can look forward to years of happiness together!


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