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Rant About Aging

April 2007

Why is aging evil? What have we got against looking our age? Gray hair is anathema. Wrinkles are to be avoided like the plague; so much so that we are willing to inject ourselves with the Plague to avoid the wrinkles!


What is bad about showing our age? Does it mean that we are no longer capable? No, we see many examples of people in their 70’s, 80’s or older who are leading very productive lives. Is it that age makes you less sexy? Have you seen Sophia Loren? She is incredibly sexy!


 What are we afraid of? What is scary about getting older? Is it that we are closer to death? Every day we live, we are edge that much closer to the end. Frankly, gray hair or no gray hair makes no difference in that.


Okay, so what if we look at it a little differently. My mother used to say, “I earned each of my gray hairs.” She earned them from hard work, life experience, and, yes, raising children. Wrinkles next to your eyes are also called laugh lines. You get them from laughing. A lot. Throughout your life. So, perhaps these signs of aging are showing to the world the wisdom that we have accrued over our life times.


What would happen if when we saw someone who obviously lived more than 20 years, we venerated their wisdom, rather than fearing their gray? Wow, that might really change things. Are you ready to live in that world? I am.


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