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School is Starting

September 2005


School has started. This can be a time of great stress for children. (Even if it can be a time of joy for their parents!) Parents need to be aware of how stressful the beginning of school is for the children.

As your child steps into a new classroom with a new teacher, a new grade and new expectations, he may wonder if he can keep up this year, if he will be able to perform to the expectations of the teacher and you. Your child may worry if she will have friends this year. Will she be popular or shunned? Imagine if you started a new job every year. That is similar to what your children go through. It is scary and it takes some time to acclimate. Please allow your children the time. Allow them to tell you of their fears and worries, as well as their joys.

If your child is going to a different school this year, then the experience is only bigger and scarier, no matter how old your child is. Each step up in academics is accompanied by greater expectations and a greater workload. You can help your child by helping him with time management and stress management skills. If you do not have those skills, ask a friend who does if she can help.

School can be a wonderful place. Let us help our children through these initial scary times so that they can see how much fun learning can be!


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