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September 2008

Have you ever started to do something, perhaps begun to achieve a dream, and found that you stopped yourself from going forward? There may be many reasons why we should choose a behavior that seems, on the surface anyway, to be so illogical.

As you start to explore the reasons why it was not okay to be successful, ask yourself if one of them was “I am not worthy”. I find that low self-worth is often at the root of the issues with many of the people I work with. Even the people who look the most self-confident. Often especially the ones who look the most self-confident.

There may be many reasons why a person suffers from low self-worth. One of them may be the family that they grew up in, and the messages that the children in that family were given. If your parents told you either verbally or non-verbally that you’re not good for anything, you take that message in and believe it, even though there may be tons of evidence to the contrary.

It is important to look at all of that evidence. If your boss keeps telling you that you are the best employee he has ever worked with, there may be truth in that statement. Why should he lie to you? If your partner tells you that she thinks that you are incredible, perhaps there is truth there also. Perhaps there is no reason to fear that one day they will see the “real you”. Maybe they already have and are commenting on that.

Maybe, just maybe, you are worth it. Maybe we all are. So reach for your dreams and allow the real you to soar!

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