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Slow Down!

April 2004


I am busy. Very busy. I have so much to do. I am running to my kids’ schools, running to my office. Writing papers. Cleaning house. Writing a book. Taking care of business. I am so busy! I am so busy that I hardly have time for me. I am irritable. I am grumpy. I am gritting my teeth. I am not happy and I am not enjoying all that I am doing.


Okay, time to stop. Time to slow down. I have taken on too much, and I am not having fun, nor am I fun to be around. So, what do I need to do?


First, I begin to breathe. Second, I stop. Just stop. I curl up on my comfy couch and read a trashy novel, which is my idea of a relaxing time out. I snuggle with my husband. I snuggle with my kids. I breathe some more. The next thing I do is reassess my priorities. What do I really need to do and in what order? I do not need to get it all done today. After I finish that, I begin to exercise again. My teeth unclench. I begin to smile.


As I slow down and nurture myself, I am actually more effective in my use of time. I get more things done. And what I do, I do better.


So, the lessons that I am reminded of, yet again, SLOW DOWN. It will all get taken care of. BREATHE! And I smile.


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