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Spring Cleaning

April 2007

This originally ran several years ago, but it feels very apropos for me today!

It’s spring! Time for flowers, shorts and spring-cleaning. There is something about this season, with a feeling a freshness, that entices us to make a fresh new start, too. Now, when I say spring cleaning, I do not mean just moving the couches and vacuuming out what is underneath, but looking at our relationships and making sure that they are all clean and fresh, too.

What have we been hiding under the hamper full of dirty laundry? Have we allowed our communication with our loved ones to become totally bogged down with unimportant trivia? Or have we just stopped communicating totally? Has so much debris piled on top of our relationships that we have forgotten why we are with this person in the first place?

It is spring! Throw out the old junk. Throw out all the old hurts that don’t help and just cause more pain. Clean up your communication. Sweep out the unimportant topics. Focus on what is important. Look at your family. Look at the faces of those that you love: your spouse, children, parents, and friends. Remember why these people are important to you.

Then invite them all to a picnic and tell them that you love them. Enjoy spring!

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