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Spring is coming. Can you feel it? The temperature is a little warmer. It is staying light a bit longer. There is a little more of a bounce in everyone’s step. Animals, including human animals, like spring.

Spring invigorates us for many reasons, but a big one is that there is more sunlight. As humans, we can quite literally get depressed if we do not have sunlight. Sunlight, for many reasons that I will not go into, helps brighten our mood and make us feel alive again. We are all coming out of our hibernation; ready to face a fresh new world.

So, as you are starting fresh, what do you want to do this spring? As you put your face up to the sun and have renewed energy, turn inward and ask what you would like to change so that you are ready to make a life that suits you. Is it career change? A change in your relationship? Or do you need to clean out some of the clutter in your house?

Take this energy and use in a productive manner. Allow yourself to feel that there is a renewal happening, not only in the season, but in you as well. And, as always, enjoy the journey!

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