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How do you know that you are under stress? Most people would just say, “Well, I just know, that’s how!” I would suggest that most people may not be as in tune as they may think. There are many signs of stress, most of which we ignore.

How is your health? Do you have high blood pressure? Back pain? Autoimmune disorders? Obesity? Drug addiction? All of these and many others have a strong connection to stress. The medical community is becoming more and more aware that the higher our stress, either now or even more, when we were children, has a strong correlation to our health today.

Do you grind your teeth? Stomach issues? Insomnia? Yep, all of these can be signs of stress. What is the health of your relationships? We often take our stress out on those closest to us. We yell at our partner or our children, or even our dog, not realizing that what we are doing is unconsciously trying to find a way to release our stress.

Are you drinking more than you used to? Smoking more? Using any other substances? Shopping more? Eating more? Even sleeping more can be a sign of stress. Are you no longer doing things that are fun? Do you find that you are trying to find ways to avoid your life?

All of these and more can be signs of stress. Please be aware. Be mindful of you and what you are doing and how you are reacting. If you recognize any of these symptoms, please start trying ways to alleviate your stress. I have written many columns on that topic. If you need to, go find a good therapist. It all helps! And, as always, enjoy your journey!

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