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Summer Vacation

July 2010

Summer vacation with the family. A time of magic and memories. And stress and commotion. It all depends on your perspective. Mostly it depends if you are an adult or a child. As adults we have all the responsibilities of arranging the trip, of making sure that everything goes smoothly and that everyone has food to eat and rest time and gets to do what they want. If you are a kid, your responsibility is to have fun!

As adults, we can forget about the child perspective because we are so busy looking at the world from the adult one. It is important that we do act like adults and take care of all the responsibilities, or else we may not be able to have  a summer vacation that is any more organized that a camp out in the back yard with nothing to eat and no sleeping bags.

However, our challenge is, once all the arrangements have been arranged, is to relax and see the world once more through a child’s eyes. This is a special time that we have with our children. A time that will end all too soon. Take the time to see the world the way your child does. Be amazed by the things that you see along the side of the road. Be thrilled about seeing a place you have never seen before. Be excited about finding a new bug. Take the time to truly experience your trip. You are building special memories that your family will treasure for the rest of their lives!

But most of all, enjoy the journey!

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