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Sweet Dreams

April 2005


A major problem that many of us face in this country is sleep deprivation. We are all so busy that we do not have time to sleep or are too stressed to sleep. However, the lack of sleep has a major impact on us.


We literally cannot think straight if we do not get enough sleep. We will make poor decisions. If you think about that in combination with driving or operating machinery, you get an idea of how dangerous this can be. Our immune system is impacted by the lack of sleep. You will get sick more if you are lacking sleep. You will get more emotional and react badly if you are sleep deprived. Your ability to handle stress is impacted.


As you can see when we do not get enough sleep, it will have an impact on our ability to function effectively. Many of our children are sleep deprived, especially when they get into high school because of all the demands that are placed on them. If as adults, we have difficulty dealing with sleep deprivation, imagine how much more difficult it is for our children to cope.


So, what can we do? First, set limits on what we do. We cannot do everything. We do not have to do everything. Really. Say no. Say, “Not this time”. Teach your children to say the same. Get to bed with enough time to sleep 8 hours. Yes, that may mean that you will miss some of your favorite TV shows. Sleep is more important. If you have many things flying around your brain, journal for awhile to dump out all the junk. You may be able to sleep better. Increase your exercise, if it is okay with your physician, but not right before bedtime. Make sure that your bed is comfortable. Curl up and let go.


Do this for a few nights and notice the difference in your life! Nighty night!


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