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November 2010

This column originally ran in 2000, but it said everything that I wanted to say this year!

We are getting in that holiday time again. You know, that time when we are all so busy that we can’t even think straight. You remember from last year, the time of year when we are so busy trying to make sure that we are making the perfect holiday that we are exhausted, crabby and can’t wait for it all to be over. So, just for a minute, let’s stop and give thanks for what we have.

If you have your health, that is a huge matter to be thankful for. Even if your health isn’t all that you might want it to be, be thankful for what you do have and then begin to make plans to improve it.

Be thankful for the people in your life that you love and who love you. Be sure to tell them that you love them. Thank them for the contributions that they have made in your life. Be mindful of what you are adding to theirs.

Look at nature. Thank what ever higher power you respond to and be thankful for the trees, the flowers, the clouds, the animals.

Be thankful for children. Every night when I tuck my children in and give them a kiss good night, I am so beyond thankful for what my children have given me. The love and joy that I receive from these children is priceless.

So I start my holidays by being thankful for the love in my life, my children, my friends and family, and the beautiful nature that I see all around us.

Okay. Now I am ready for the holidays.

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