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The Grumps

August 2010

Have you ever had the situation that you wake up in a bad mood and you really, really want to stay grumpy? There may be a number of reasons for that. Perhaps you didn’t eat enough. Perhaps your sleep was disrupted. If you are a woman, perhaps you are PMs-ing. Perhaps it is just a bad day. But what you need to be aware of is the reluctance to do anything to improve the situation.

We are all allowed to have bad days. We are not allowed to be abusive to others while we are wallowing in our bad days. If you want to be grumpy, enjoy it! Revel it! But do not be around others. They did not choose for us to be grumpy. Be sure to separate yourself from the rest of humanity while you are in the throes of cantankerousness.

When you are ready, you might want to look at why you are irritable. Is it for the reasons I listed above, or is it another reason? Are you upset with your partner? Your boss? Your kids? Your parents? All of the above? Is there some action that you need to take to improve a situation? If you are ready to start lifting your mood, then you will be ready to take action.

One day of crabby behavior is not something that I would be concerned about. However, if you are having day after day and you are unable to change your mood, then you need to see your physician and possibly a therapist to help you get back on your track.

In the meantime, join Oscar the Grouch and go to town on your grumpiness, as long as you do it by yourself!

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