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The Holidays
The holidays are here again. And once again we are all getting caught up in the holiday rush. Part of that rush is shopping and buying presents. Big, glitzy, expensive presents that your loves ones will open up, make happy noises over-or not-and set aside.  It can be very difficult to buy presents that are truly memorable. So I am going to suggest another route.

Rather than buying a thing, buy an experience. Buy something that the family can do together. Buy a theater tickets, a trip, a weekend to a special place. Perhaps there is something that someone has always wanted to do, like horseback riding lessons. Buy those.

If money is tight, there are many experiences that are free or low cost. Make up tickets for a monthly game night, a special dinner for the family at home, a day at the beach or a museum. Or simply tickets for talks, long, lovely conversations without phones or texts interrupting you.

Experiences will last longer and provide much warmer memories than a new tablet. Years from now, the family will not be talking about that new phone, but they very well may be talking about that trip to the Grand Canyon.

Give time. Give love. Give yourself. Happy holidays!

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