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As I sit here and contemplate this blank white space on my computer, I can have a variety of reactions to it. I could panic over the idea that I need to write a column and that it is due today! I could have extreme anxiety over wanting to get my thoughts down in a profound and thoughtful way so that my readers will be moved and be able to make positive steps to change their lives. I could be bored by this exercise. I could think that I have written hundreds of columns and that this process is not very fun. Perhaps I should quit? I could be excited to see what will come out of me this time and what journey my column will take.

With any event in our lives, we can look at it in many different ways. How we view it will make it a more positive or more negative experience. We can “have” to exercise. Or we can “get” to exercise. The glass truly is half empty or half full.

When we view the world in a more negative way, we, not surprisingly, do not enjoy life as much which will impact our relationships and even our health. You may have developed the habit of seeing the world negatively from the family that you grew up in. Or perhaps life has handed you several scary or sad events that have made it difficult for you to see anything as positive.

It is very difficult to break habits, especially deeply ingrained ones. But it is possible! Today, find one thing that is positive. I just noticed the Hotel California came on the radio. That made me smile! Music can be a very positive influence in our lives. Nature is another area that can be impactful in a positive way.

So, here I am at the end of my column. I decided that it was a fun journey after all! May you see your day as a fun journey for you.

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