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The Meaning of Life

September 2006

On more than one occasion, I have had clients tell me that what they are missing in their life, what would help them make sense of things and to be at peace, is to know what the meaning of life is. I am not always sure that is a discussion with a therapist so much as with a clergy or philosopher, but if that is what we need to talk about, we go there.

Hilda Bernstein, an antiapartheid activist, once said, “The meaning of life is a choice you make about the way you live.” I like that because I believe that the meaning of life is a very personal statement. I do not think anyone can give you what your meaning of life is. You need to discover it for yourself. I also feel that the meaning of life is the journey that we are on; it is not the destination.

So, think about the choices that you have made about how you are living. Are you living healthy? Are you bringing positive energy into this world? Are you helping others, while not hurting yourself? Are you a role model to the next generation on how to live a good life?

Finding the meaning of life is important because it frames how we live our lives. Look around about how others have chosen to live their lives. Whose lives appear to be meaningful? Use them as an example for you.

Once you have found your meaning in life, your choices become simpler and your joy increases. Remember to enjoy the journey every step of the way!

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