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The Passage of Time

June 2012

Summer is upon us. Lazy days of swimming, eating watermelon and tanning. Okay, remember when summer used to be like that? Our children may still think that is what summer is all about. However, life changes when you grow up. No longer is your calendar ruled by school; when is it in session, when is it not.

The seasons may still impact us, but now it is the holidays that really make us stand up and take notice. It is the births and deaths that we measure time by. It is how we notice that it is not so easy to get off the floor any more that marks the passage of time.

Time is passing. Each year seems to be a bit faster. The earth spins another rotation. We get a little older. What is important in all of this is not that we are getting older, that is going to happen. What is truly important is to stop and appreciate each moment as it goes by. Otherwise, as we reach the end of the time allotted to us, we will look back and not have appreciated our life.

Stop, smell the roses, hug the children, pet the puppies. Love strongly. Do not waste your time on hate or guilt or shame. Our time here is too short. Focus on what is truly important. At the end, you are not going to wish that you had spent more days in the office. So spend the time focusing on love.

And don’t forget to enjoy the journey.

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