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There Is Hope

I have written about EMDR therapy in this column before, but I want to discuss it again because of the power of this therapy. I hear of people often who do not make progress in their lives, who seem stuck in their wounds. They keep reacting to their wounds over and over again. It is almost like those past issues that were so damaging are still happening, which is exactly what it feels like to the person.

I have been doing psychotherapy for a very long time. I have learned (and taught) many skills that help people to cope with the damage that has been done to them over the years, ways in which people can better deal with their anxiety, depression or trauma. EMDR therapy is the first therapy that I have found that actually heals people. After going through this treatment, people react differently to their world. They are no longer stuck. In fact, they often report being much happier.

The World Health Organization has endorsed it, as has many different countries and governmental organizations, including the US Department of Defense. I get so sad when I see people tortured by their past and unable to enjoy their lives. There are options. There are ways to heal! There are many therapists all over the world trained in this therapy and more being trained every day! Go to emdria.org and find a therapist near you. You have options! Please, explore this therapy and get help to heal today!

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