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This Too Shall Pass

This too shall pass. Wise words. So wise that many cultures and realigns have all claimed them. But stop for a minute and think about them. This too shall pass. Whatever you are feeling, experiencing, living right now is temporary. You will not always feel this way. Good, bad or indifferent. All temporary.

As you stop to contemplate those words, let the impact sink in. If you are in a bad situation right now, it is temporary. It will change. We do not know how, but it will change. Life is always changing. Our bodies are constantly changing. The weather is even constantly changing. Everything changes. Constantly. So, cry if you need to. Let your feelings out. Rage Despair. And then know that whatever is provoking those feelings will move on. And so should you.

If things are good, then grab hold and be in the moment. Stop and totally appreciate what you are seeing, feeling, experiencing. This too will change. Nothing lasts forever, so be mindful and be in the moment. Allow yourself to feel the love and joy. Stop. Be. In. The. Moment. This will not be around for much longer.

So, wherever your life is at the moment, stop to see the beauty around you. See the sunsets. Smell the flowers. Watch the birds. Take it all in. It will be gone before you know it. But always, always enjoy the journey.

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