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January 2014

How will you make this year different from last year? Notice that I am not asking you what your New Year’s resolutions are. We all make them and never keep them. Instead, I am asking you what can you change- your attitude, decisions, people in your life- to make this year different? We all have things or habits that are not healthy. The question is what can you do, a little bit every day, to make your life healthier.

We know the obvious ones: eat healthy, exercise more, drink less, shop less. But sometimes we need to look at the more subtle ones. Look at the people we choose to hang out with. Do they make good choices? If not, perhaps we need to, slowly, find healthier people.

Look at the words that you use. Are they demeaning to yourself or others? Perhaps it is time to change your language, slowly, to a more positive communication. If the only way that we know to touch another human is hurtful, perhaps it is time to learn to touch gently.

Notice that I keep saying “slowly”. These changes take time to make. Any change that you just jump into will fail. But if you make the switch inch by inch, you have much more chance of success.¬†Your year can be different. If you have the courage to slowly make changes.

And don’t forget to enjoy the journey!

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