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Time To Change
Things change and, as humans, we hate that. We typically do not like change and fight it for all that we are worth. We marry our spouse thinking that he or she will stay the same. And yet they change. Our bodies change; oy, how they change! Our children change almost daily. Everything changes.

Change can be very scary. We knew how to deal with the old rules, the old way of being. We are not sure that we know how to deal with this new way. We felt competent before. We feel unsure and possibly like we will fail now.

What I want to reassure you is that we, as humans, are capable of incredible change and growth. For instance, we adapt on how to parent our children. We do not parent our 16 year old the same way that we parented our 2 year old.

If you observe nature, change is almost constant, and a beautiful thing to watch. We can watch the lights and colors change with a sunset. We can watch a rose bloom. We can watch the rain fall. Change keeps things fresh and new.

The message here is that change is good and that you can handle it. Take a deep breath. Get some education if you need it. But you can handle this. Believe in yourself and embrace the change!

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