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Touch is very important. However, its importance is often overlooked. Did you know if babies are not touched they can die? Even if given food and shelter. People who are touched prior to surgery heal better. Kisses make everything better. Remember how Mom’s kiss could cure any ailment? Just holding someone’s hand sends a message of understanding and compassion.

Some families, for a variety of reasons, do not touch. They do not hug. They do not even pat each other on the shoulder. Children may start fights, just so that someone is touching them somehow! Touch connects, warms us, makes us feel loved.

All mammals have the same need. Ever see how puppies all pile up on each other when sleeping? Humans are the same. I challenge you to notice how much you touch and are touched in a non-sexual way. Is it sporadically? Perhaps once a week? Or several times per day? Notice how you feel after receiving loving, warm touch. How do you feel after a playful touch? If someone touches you roughly, what feelings come up for you then? Do these touches change your mood? As you lovingly touch others, also in a non-sexual way, does it change how connected that you feel with that person?

Touch. Reach out. Connect with others. It will help you on your journey.

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