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August 2004


As I write this, I am preparing to go on vacation. I am very excited about our vacation and cannot wait until we actually leave. I realize that I have gotten increasingly cranky lately. I need some time off. I need some time to relax. Which is what this column is about. All of us need time off!


I heard a speaker who declared that every week we need a date, every month a weekend away, every year, a week vacation. Now, I think that is a delightful idea, but not always realistic, especially if we have children, no money or both! But the sentiment is right on. We all need time off!


We need time to re-charge. We need time to relax. We need time to play with no phones, e-mails, pagers and the other million ways we have of staying in touch with the world. By unplugging and letting go, we can get in touch with what is truly important: ourselves, our family, peace, tranquility, sleep!


So, take some time and let go. Even if it is only for a weekend, or an evening or fifteen minutes, but allow yourself to re-charge. I know I will!


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