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Well, Maybe Tomorrow

February 2004


Have you ever found yourself with a task to do, a very important task, a task that has to be done soon, and yet you have a very difficult time getting it done. Isn’t amazing how many different things suddenly become so important and must be done right now. So many things that are so much easier to do than whatever you are really supposed to be getting done.


This is called procrastination. Some of us are much better at it than others. We can even make it an art skill. It is remarkable how clean my kitchen gets when I am avoiding doing something. What is truly amazing is how much better I feel when I finally get done whatever it is that I have been avoiding.


So why do we do it? I have been procrastinating about writing this column. I put it off because I did not know what to write about. I was afraid that it would not be very good. I did not want to put out the energy that was required. But as I am writing it, my confidence is growing, I am relieved and I have more energy.


This is often the case. We let fear stop us. When we actually begin our task, we feel better. We are proud of ourselves. So, all of us procrastinators, let us remember how good it feels to accomplish our goals! Let us resolve to stop procrastinating and allow ourselves to enjoy these good feelings! Hmmm, maybe I will start doing that tomorrow…


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