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What to do?

June 2007

Hi Dr. Michelle,

I just recently met this guy. He is only 1 year older than me. He and his brother were doing some construction work on my parents’ house. We flirted back and forth. We talked and what not. I could tell by his actions that he liked me or was interested in me. I too like him! A LOT. I was too shy to tell him that I liked him while he was here. And now I regret not telling him because he went back home to another state. I gave him my email address because he was going to send me some pictures he took. I haven’t gotten an email back and I am getting really anxious to tell him that I like him. I have even thought about calling his older brother and telling his older brother that I like him. But I haven’t. Both of them will be coming back to my parents’ house to do some more work in July. I can’t wait that long!!


What to do?

Dear What to do,

I would stop! You gave him your e-mail and he hasn’t contacted you. You let him know that you liked him by your behavior. Now you need to wait until he comes back. July really isn’t as far away as it seems. The time will go quickly. But you need to slow down. If you push too much, you may push him away. If you push too much, you may find yourself in a bad situation. You know very little about him. Take some time to get to know him to be sure that you really do want to be involved with him. And what happens if you do begin a relationship? He lives a long way away. It is difficult to have a long-distance relationship. I am not saying that you should not pursue this. I am saying that you need to slow down and think before you do.

Take care of yourself!

Dr. Michelle

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