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Where is the Pain, Really?

March 2012

Have you ever had an on-going pain that the doctors cannot diagnose? Or as soon as they think they know what it is, the pain moves to a new location? Or no matter what the doctors do, the pain does not diminish? This is not uncommon. It is possible that the pain is not in your body; it is in your brain.

Sometime it is difficult for us to express our emotions. Perhaps the family that we grew up in did not allow us to show our emotions. Or our emotions are too overwhelming for us, so we stuff them. It is not unusual that when we cannot express our emotions, that they show up as pains in our bodies. So that backache may be anger at your parents. That pain in your foot may be fear of losing your job. That neck pain? Do you have fears about your relationship?

As I work with people whom doctors have said there is no diagnosis, we work through their emotional issues. The most amazing thing happens: their pain diminishes. It often leaves completely. As we process the emotions, the body no longer needs to store them. As we acknowledge what we need and what we feel, our body can stop yelling at us and relax.

Be honest with yourself. Is it your back hurts or your heart? Let your emotions out! You will feel so much better if you do!

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