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Yes You Can
Face each day with joy and excitement. We do not know what the day will bring. We do not control what others will bring to us. All we know is us and what we are feeling. We do not even know what we are capable of, for we are capable of much more than we think. Trust that you have the inner strength to deal with what the world brings you today. Trust that you have humor to laugh at the ridiculousness that the world gives you. Trust that you have the fortitude to stick it out. Trust yourself. You can do this, whatever “this” is. You will learn and grow from these challenges. You will become a better person, if you allow it.

The main thing that stops us from succeeding is the belief that we cannot. We cannot handle it, we cannot deal, we cannot learn. Whatever it is, we cannot. But humans are so inventive and capable. We can do so much. We can overcome so much. Believe that you can, not that you cannot.

Think about all those thoughts that you have that stop you, that inform your life in a negative way. The belief that you can will carry you further than anything else. Trust that you can.

So, face each day with joy and excitement. Because of what you will face today, you will become a better human. You will become closer to the best that you can be. What an exciting thought! And enjoy the journey!

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