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You Are Doing What!?

April 2006

You will never believe what I got myself into now! I am running! I am going to run a half-marathon in September. Now, for anyone who knows me those are shocking statements. I do not run. I may exercise and walk, but I never run. Certainly not for 13 miles. I have one friend who is fairly certain that I have been taken over by aliens.   The most amazing thing about my running, other than the fact that I am doing it, is that I love it.


That is the point of this column. How many of you have done just what I did with running? Say to yourself, “I cannot do this.” Or perhaps, “I will hate that so I am not going to try it.” That is what I said about running. How many things are around you that you have been fearful of trying? How many things have you convinced yourself that you did not like? How many incredible experiences have you missed out on simply because you had told yourself that you wouldn’t like it?


We keep ourselves safe by staying in known territory, but we are not experiencing the fullness of the world. Perhaps you always wanted to paint, but you convinced yourself that you have no talent so you don’t bother trying. Perhaps nature has always seemed exciting but since you do not know which plants are safe you to not venture outside. So, do what I did. Find an expert who actually knows what you want to learn and have that person teach you. Take a class. Read a book. Get the information that you need in order to try a new adventure. Who knows? You might be opening a door to something incredible or life-changing!


Or at the very minimum, you will have your friends thinking that you have been taken over by aliens! Enjoy the journey!


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