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Your Truth

I often tell people that I work with that they need to speak their truth.  Sometimes my clients look at me strangely because this is not a concept that they are familiar with. They are very familiar to speaking the truth that their parents gave them. Or the truth that their culture gave them. Or that their religion gave them. But what is actually true for them may be an unknown.

It is a process to tune into what is your truth. First we have to examine what has been given to us. AS we look at different rules, we have to ask ourselves, at a very deep, core level, if we agree with all of these rules. Now, be aware that the answer is not black and white but various shades of gray. There may be parts of all these rules that actually do fit, or fit under some circumstances. The challenge is to tune into what parts and when fit.

You may have to experiment with this by trying on the different parts and see if at that deep, core level, it fits you or not. Be careful, it is very easy to confuse “This fits” with “This is comfortable” when you start this journey. We are comfortable with things that may not fit because we have wearing them our entire lives. This is an extremely uncomfortable process. It is important that you get support as you try on all these parts by someone who is neither judgmental nor has an agenda about which parts that you should keep.

But at the end, you will get to a point where you speak only your truth, no one else’s. That is when you know that you are on the path that is, truly, right for you.

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